Agency Claim Advocacy


Agency Claim Advocacy Services

Our goal is to provide agency partners with tools to retain customers, win prospects and increase agency revenue!

Below are the claim advocacy services we offer to add value to all industries served:

  • Help partners compete with agencies that offer claim advocacy services

  • Increase agency revenue by improving contingency commission through reserve reductions and claim resolutions

  • Eliminate salary/benefit expense of hiring a claim advocate

  • Benefit from expertise of multiple claim advocates with diverse claim handling background

  • Assist agents with presentations to prospects that need claim advocacy services

  • Creates a profit center giving agencies the option to charge customers or prospects for claim advocacy services

  • Provide complete loss analysis/claim reviews/status reports for agency customers

  • Availability of claim advocate’s objectivity/expertise for claim consulting to agency personnel or customers

  • Provide third party coverage analysis on disputed/denied claims for agency customers

  • Provide pre-loss consultative services and accident investigation training for agency customers

  • Access to vendors to assist in managing agency customer claims (background checks,surveillance, attorneys, LC/Safety Consultants, HR Consultants, Etc.)

We are interested in learning more about your agency and would like to share how a partnership with our claim advocacy team can increase agency revenue and provide a value-added service to help differentiate your agency and give you another competitive advantage.


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