Dealership Claim Advocacy


Dealership Claim Advocacy

What Can You Expect From ACG’s Dealership Claim Advocacy Program?

  • Aggressive Claim Management

    Our ACG Claim Professionals help our customers through the entire claim process. We make sure that your claim are handled aggressively, proactively and as economically efficient as possible.

  • Objective Claim Expertise

    ACG Claim Advocates all have prior multi-line claim adjusting experience with national carriers. We understand the claim process and make sure your claims are handled appropriately and to your satisfaction.

  • Reduced Insurance Expenses

    In 2015, our Claim Professionals reduced our clients’ claim reserves by more than $7 million dollars. These reserve reductions led to lower loss ratios, better experience mod ratings and ultimately lower insurance premiums.

  • Peace of Mind

    Acg Claim Advocates are dedicated Claim Professionals on staff with your dealership, saving you time and money by managing the claims process from inception of the claim until the claim is closed.

Claim Advocacy Services…

Because your first priority is selling cars, not managing your insurance claims.

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